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The House in Audley Street

I’m delighted to announce the upcoming publication of The House in Audley Street, now scheduled for mid to late September. This romantic thriller pits Elizabeth and Darcy, on the eve of their formal betrothal, against a vicious, hidden enemy who will stop at nothing to thwart their relationship. From the resort towns of Brighton and Bath to the London metropolis and the peaceful surroundings of Meryton, Darcy and his allies are involved in a race against time against an adversary whose web of violence and deception seems to extend the length and breadth of England. You won’t want to miss this extraordinary re-imagining of Pride and Prejudice. Sign up for our mailing list for publication announcements or visit my book page to read more.

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Fascinating take on P and P that is extremely well written.

An absolutely lovely variation . . .

This variation has all the elements that make it a gripping story.

Gentle, loving, intensely readable.

Perfectly Austenesque.

This story is my perfect antidote that surround my gloomy depressing mood of 2020 . . . This book is like a balm.

Coming to Amazon in mid to late September, this compelling story pits Darcy and Elizabeth against an enemy who is determined to destroy their love.

Available in paperback and of course, on Kindle Unlimited.

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