Wow! It’s Tomorrow!

I’m dusting things off and brushing things out in preparation for my first ever Facebook party!

If you happen to be around, please join us in a celebration of the re-launch of this blog and the upcoming publication, finally, of The House in Audley Street.

We’ll be having a “Happily Ever After” adventure during which you’ll get to choose and plan your own Regency style wedding, including gown, church, refreshments, music, and of course your choice of dreamy Jane Austen heroes from Mr. Darcy to Captain Wentworth and everyone in between.

Prizes will be given at random to our partygoers and will include the ever-popular Jane Funko-Pop, a Jane action figure with props, a framed graphic with my personal favorite Jane Austen quote (“Obstinate, Headstrong Girl!”), copies of my books, and Amazon gift cards you can spend on your own favorite stories.

We’ll be getting started just in time for afternoon tea at 3 p.m. Eastern time on my Facebook page:

I’m indebted to Melissa, the Literary Assistant, who can be found at Probably at the Library.

2 thoughts on “Wow! It’s Tomorrow!

  1. Quick question! What would you say the rating is for The House on Audrey Street? I read only “clean” books so hoping this story is something I would enjoy. (No sex etc.) Kissing scenes are fine!

    1. That’s a tough one to answer. I can’t rate it. It has no graphic depictions of people having sex, but it’s about human trafficking–sex trafficking. In the London of Darcy and Lizzy’s time, thousands of women and girls were employed in the sex trade. Some were willing, but most were forced into that life. There were “who’s who” books published each year like travel guides. So I’d have to say no graphic descriptions of anything, but anyone who reads the book will come away with a little bit of an understanding of what life was like for some of these people. I wouldn’t want my twelve year old reading it, but I would hope my eighteen year old understood it. The other caveat is that I’m not into victim-blaming which was the fashion then as it is now among certain people. I wish I could be of more help, but underneath it there is a love story between Darcy and Elizabeth.

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