About Anne

I’m A.K. Madison, and Rose Cottage is my debut novel. I grew up as an Army brat, and my first exposure to Jane Austen’s work was finding a copy of Northanger Abbey during the aftermath of one of our countless moves. Although it took some help from my mother for me to read it at that age, I’ve been a confirmed Jane Austen fan ever since.

I began writing and sharing Jane Austen-based fiction in 2016, and I’ve actually completed three book length stories and numerous shorter works. I’m partial to situations where Elizabeth and Darcy work at resolving their personal differences while dealing with some external force that threatens their relationship and provides them with a mystery to unravel. My other three book-length works are being prepared for publication, and you can look for them towards the end of 2020 and in early 2021.

In real life, I spent most of my career as a computer systems engineer. I’ve now retired and am flourishing in a second career as a volunteer community health worker. I live in Baltimore, Maryland near my two sons and three grandchildren.

A. K. Madison

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