Catherine is Caught.

Hi there,

I’ve been writing fan fiction since the year after God was born, and my current obsession–Jane Austen fanfic–is actually my third fandom. I’m an Army brat, and I found my mother’s copy of Northanger Abbey when I was about ten or eleven during one of our innumerable moves. I’ve been reading and enjoying Jane Austen ever since. For some reason, when the incumbent in the White House was elected in 2016, I was reminded of Lady Catherine De Bourgh, and I didn’t stop writing until I’d finished a novel-length story in which she was featured as the villain. And a villainous villainess she is. I have my own ideas about how stories should progress and about life in general, and they don’t always mesh with those of the larger community of Austen fans, which is why I call myself a rebel.

What else is here? Well, I love fountain pens, and I’m quite a tinkerer. I’m also on a budget. Still, I have some respectable pens, and I like trying out and reviewing new inks, new journals and paper, cases, and all the paraphernalia that goes along with this particular hobby. So you’ll find reviews, recommendations, and the occasional helpful hint. I’ll also include links to stores I especially like and technicians who are especially helpful and good.

Finally, anybody who can compare the current president to Lady Catherine De Bourgh has to be a liberal, and indeed I am. If you’re not, I don’t mind talking fountain pens or Jane Austen, but you probably won’t be happy with my political posts. As long as you conduct yourself with civility, I promise to do the same. If you don’t, I promise nothing.

In real life, A.K. Madison is a volunteer community health worker and teacher with the Baltimore HEARS project, a program conceived, developed, and managed by Johns Hopkins University. Its purpose is to bring hearing health to older people who do not normally have access to hearing aids. It’s extremely rewarding work.