Welcome to the Library. Come in and read a story or two.

Welcome to the Library. While it’s not so grand as the one at Pemberley, there is a little something here for everyone. I’ve added brief descriptions; the pictures will link you to the stories. While most of these are suitable for everyone, a few have Naughty Bits, so please attend to the ratings! But above all, enjoy your visit.

Mr. Darcy Stories

Mr. D

A shipment of books bound for the library at Pemberley is mixed up, with books being delivered to people who had not ordered them. Rated A, for people 16 and up. Naughty Bits.

Link to story "Mr. Darcy Decides"

Darcy decides that he can no longer live without Elizabeth. But what sort of life will they have together? His conscience decides the matter for him. Rated T, for ages 13 and up.

Georgiana Darcy Stories

 "Miss Darcy Finds her Courage"

Caroline Bingley has decided on everyone’s future. Miss Darcy finds this interference intolerable. She needs to summon up her courage quickly. Rated E, for Everyone.

Miss Darcy Receives a Caller

Georgiana has the pleasure of an unexpected visit from her cousin, Anne De Bourgh. Unfortunately, the visit turns out to be decidedly unpleasant. Rated E for Everyone.

Thorough-Bass and Human Nature

Why is Miss Mary Bennet so sour and disagreeable? Georgiana Darcy has a theory that turns out to be correct. Rated E for Everyone

The Other Stories So Far

Saint Agnes' Eve

The Darcys enter the married state with a firm foundation of advice from their parents. But are the words of his father and her mother a solid foundation for their life together? Rated A for adults.

 "Ham to the Slaughter"

Mrs. Reynolds has had just about enough of George Wickham and his shenanigans. This modern story, set in the wilds of New Jersey, is the foundation for the upcoming Epic Novel. T for 13 and up.

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