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Thomas Bennet is dead, and the lives of his wife and daughters will forever change. Their worst fears are realized as they must leave their beloved Longbourn to face an uncertain future.

Elizabeth Bennet and Darcy will find that, though it is tested, their love grows with the advancing spring, just as surely as the lovely old roses begin to grow at the derelict cottage. As a new haven for the Bennets begins to emerge from the ruins, Elizabeth and Darcy find themselves likewise giving their love a new, second chance. When an unseen and powerful opponent seeks to block their marriage, Elizabeth and Darcy will fight for their freedom to live together in peace.

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A month after her wedding, Elizabeth Bennet Darcy had taught herself to be silent, watchful, careful. She moved through the house with eyes downcast, avoiding contact, speaking only when spoken to. She walked through the garden in much the same way, her face hidden from the sun—and from the direct gaze of any servant she might encounter—by the deep brims of the fashionable bonnets she wore.

Just four short weeks after their marriage, the deep love between Elizabeth Bennet and Fitzwilliam Darcy is on the verge of collapsing forever. They must join forces to overcome whatever—or whoever—threatens to destroy their home, their love and their very lives. 

This book is available on Amazon

The men from Longbourn were the first to be called out, but by supper time, the entire district had joined the search. Dinners prepared for the harvest next day were instead laid out on trestles for men who paused only long enough to keep hunger and thirst at bay. Hunting dogs belonging to the gentry and working dogs from the farms were pressed into service, and the moonlit countryside, dotted with lantern and torchlight, resounded all night with the baying of the dogs and the cries of the men calling, “Elizabeth!”

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