My Fanfiction

Archive of our Own has provided me with an excellent user interface, good-looking (PLAIN) story presentation that works across all browsers, and a thoughtful means of exchanging correspondence with Gentle Readers. At the same time, I feel liberated there to write as my mind and conscience dictate without being criticized for not coming up to reader expectations regarding “angst.” Here’s a link to my author’s page:

You’ll also find there are stories under a different pseudonym (Josephine March) for an entirely different fandom–“Due South.” Most of these were brought over when the Squidge archive was imported, and most of them are at least twenty years old. Here’s a list of the Jane Austen fiction:

  • Rose Cottage: After the sudden death of Mr. Bennet, Elizabeth and her mother and sisters find themselves moving to a cottage at Netherfield.
  • Ham to the Slaughter: Mrs. Reynolds has had just about enough of that sleazy spoiler, George Wickham. Written in response to a “bad holidays” challenge.
  • Mr. Darcy and the Naked Maja: Written in response to a challenge including misdirected letters. I contend that if you can misdirect a letter, you can misdirect something else.
  • Mr. Darcy Decides: Offering Miss Elizabeth Bennet a paid situation as his mistress would solve a multitude of thorny problems for Fitzwilliam Darcy. Or would it?
  • My Affections and Wishes: The men from Longbourn were the first to be called out, but by late afternoon, the entire district had abandoned the harvest in favor of the search. Dinners laid out in the fields on trestles for the harvesters were instead consumed by men who paused only long enough to keep hunger and thirst at bay. Hunting dogs belonging to the gentry and working dogs from the farms were pressed into service, and the moonlit countryside, dotted with lantern and torchlight, resounded all night with the baying of the dogs and the cries of the men calling, “Elizabeth!”
  • Miss Darcy Receives a Caller: Georgiana Darcy spends an exceptionally uncomfortable afternoon with her cousin, Anne.
  • Thorough-Bass and Human Nature: Why was Mary Bennet so obnoxious?
  • Miss Darcy Finds Her Courage: Someone had to stand up to Caroline Bingley