Rose Cottage Cover

Thomas Bennet is dead, and the lives of his wife and daughters will forever change. Their worst fears are realized as they must leave their beloved Longbourn to face an uncertain future. Fortunately, they are surrounded by loved ones to help and guide them. Jane Bennet has married her Mr. Bingley, and he stands ready to renovate a comfortable cottage on his estate at Netherfield. Their aunts and uncles offer financial and practical help during their transition. And old friends are nearby.

Elizabeth Bennet faces the most uncertain future of all. It is clear that her mother will never be equal to the tasks of managing the meager finances, planning for the removal, or most importantly, giving guidance and love to her two youngest daughters. Elizabeth can look forward to life as a spinster, caring for the family and finally being left alone to tend Fanny Bennet.

Fitzwilliam Darcy arrives at Netherfield on the very eve of the funeral, after a letter is misdirected. He throws himself into the repair work on the Bennets’ new cottage, pouring into it all his unrequited love for Elizabeth. Although she may not belong to him, he quickly realizes that he belongs to her—and that he always will.

Love grows with the advancing spring, just as surely as the lovely old roses begin to grow at the derelict cottage. As a comfortable haven for the Bennets begins to emerge from the ruins, Elizabeth and Darcy find themselves likewise giving their love a new, second chance.

As spring moves toward summer, and the day is fixed for their wedding, Elizabeth and Darcy find that their happiness is threatened. A person close to them will stop at nothing to ensure that their intention to marry is thwarted. They are faced with greed, corruption, and violence as friends become enemies—and enemies become friends. Will their own determination, and the love of their friends and families be enough to see them through?

Here are some reader comments . . .

. . . from the fanfiction version of “Rose Cottage.”

I could tell how much you loved these characters and their little universe as I read it so I always knew I was in safe hands – even when things got a bit exciting

What a beautiful story. It is difficult to find true originality in the JAFF world but you’ve managed it magnificently.

What an absolutely enchanting read from start to finish. I so very much enjoyed this and the dreamy romance you instilled in this story will stay with me for a while. brilliant work!