Works In Progress

The House in Audley Street: Coming in Late Summer, 2020

The men from Longbourn were the first to be called out, but by late afternoon, the entire district had abandoned the harvest in favor of the search. Dinners laid out in the fields on trestles for the harvesters were instead consumed by men who paused only long enough to keep hunger and thirst at bay. Hunting dogs belonging to the gentry and working dogs from the farms were pressed into service, and the moonlit countryside, dotted with lantern and torchlight, resounded all night with the baying of the dogs and the cries of the men calling, “Elizabeth!”

Romantic Suspense

Every Happiness: Coming in Winter, 2020

She had taught herself to be silent, watchful, careful. She moved through the house with eyes downcast, avoiding contact, speaking only when spoken to. She walked through the garden in much the same way, her face hidden from the sun—and from the direct gaze of any servant she might encounter—by the deep brims of the fashionable bonnets she wore. There was a certain hidden spot, an old forgotten bench, where she could feel somewhat free, where she could breathe for a few minutes. She would sit on the bench, taking care not to soil her fine pelisse and her dainty slippers, and turn her face to the sun. She longed for a brisk walk in the park

Romantic Suspense

Ham to the Slaughter: Coming in Spring, 2021

Since they were all walking in the same direction, Liz dropped back in order to avoid any further conversation. She heard the blonde say, “I think I should take Agnes to see Dr. Bennet. She seems nice. Agnes isn’t a kitten anymore, and she should be spayed before there’s trouble. She probably needs some shots, too.”

“Take her there if you please, Georgiana. I plan to look for other care for Murphy. I am in no mood to give consequence to a veterinarian who can’t or won’t even handle her own dog properly.”

Modern Romantic Comedy